Everything you desire
is already available to you.

And you don’t have it yet.

Which is driving you bat sh*t bonkers.

You think it must be time for more marketing strategy,
or sales funnels, or lead generation, or bells and whistles, or all the things.

Nay-Nay, Fluffy. It’s time for a breakthrough.

Because if you are here then this is what I know about you. You are ready to:

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IMG_2640.JPGI’m here to tell you that you can have everything you desire.

That you are unlimited. That possibility is all around you. That the Universe is eagerly waiting to shower abundance upon you.

But, Boo, you gotta get out of your own way. You gotta release the resistance, the stories, the limiting beliefs, the patterns of behavior, the EVERYTHING that is holding you back.

This is what’s going to allow your desire to be made visible in front of you.

That’s how you master upleveling in humanity.

It is time to awaken your limitless power, purpose and prosperity. 


We are only going to be able to create true freedom when we know how to breakthrough what’s stopping us.

 Not just in theory, but in reality too.

Our true power, purpose and prosperity
happen when we know how to be limitless.

I know this because I lived it.

I spent 17 years failing as an entrepreneur. I was a master of sabotaging my businesses.   

I didn’t recognize what I actually needed in order to get my business back on track AND take it to the next level.

The breakthrough required was this: to step even deeper into my purpose, and to remove EVERYTHING in the way of that.

When I did that my business skyrocketed from $500/mo to $20k months in 30 days. I grew my business to multi-six figures in one year with a basic website and no email list. I've continued to have breakthroughs and grow my business ever since.

Learn more about my story here.

This journey inspired me to create:

Here's What is Included: 

Joining Project Breakthrough gives you structure, accountability, and consistency with having breakthroughs that uplevel your life and business. Here’s how we make the magic happen:

Facebook Community

24/7 access to a Facebook community of like-minded conscious leaders, who are all committed to evolution, growth, and empowerment and are excited to trade ideas, discuss this work, and help you apply it to your own life. This group is the heart of Project Breakthrough.

Live Coaching

The chance to receive LIVE coaching from me for two hours, once a month and learn from observing me coach other conscious leaders just like you in our Community Call.

Weekly Training

A live weekly training in our Facebook community on a topic relevant to what we’ve been unpacking in our community! You’ll be learning tons of tools during these trainings!

Watch a sample here.

Expert Guidance

Emma and her Lead Coach are in the FB community 5 days a week for live interaction to help you reinforce and integrate what is already working for you and to identify and shift what is currently hidden from your conscious awareness. 

Daily Wisdom

Daily prompts in the FB community with exercises and learning to help you reflect, celebrate, and achieve, which is a crucial part of the breakthrough process. Because you deserve REAL results.

The most amazing part?
That's $1,500 of value, every month,
but you get it for only $97 a month.
Yeah, you heard me right.

Let me summarize:
It’s going to be your favorite place on the Internet as soon as you join.

So if I were you, I’d smash that join button now! 


Not only do you get all of the incredible teaching, learning, and support that is going to become an indispensable part of your reality, you ALSO get these amazing Bonus resources:

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1:1 30 Minute Session with Emma
You and me on the phone for 30 minutes catalyzing your breakthrough and helping you shift monumentally into your next level. What could get any better than that, you ask? You will receive a recording of your session, that’s what.
Five Day.png
The Five Day Shift: Uplevel Your Vibration
A online training to tap into what you truly want on a soul based level, shift your vibration to create new and lasting results, and embody and fully allow for your desires to come to fruition.
Manifesting for Reals: Everyday Entrepreneurs Creating Magic
An online training to rock your manifesting skills, use Universal Law in a way NO ONE has ever taught you, and learn the 5 Steps that will have you manifesting money NOW!
My Reading List.png
Recommended Reading List
I inhale books. I read on my Kindle, have a pile of books by my bed, and my car stereo doubles as a library. My reading list is culled from hundreds of books I have read that have propelled me through next level transformation, again and again.

These bonuses are valued at over $1,500.
That’s a total of over $10,000 in value
as soon as you enroll in Project Breakthrough for 6 months
for just….wait for it…


Or save 85 buckaroos by paying for 6 months up front!

This is an ongoing, rolling admission membership community. Everyone who joins Project Breakthrough commits for a minimum of six months, to ensure you have the foundation you need to truly dive into this education and transformation. Following the initial 6 months  your membership automatically renews month-to-month at $97 - thank goodness! – so you never miss out on any of the amazing breakthroughs that are in store for you. You can cancel any time after the first six months to avoid being billed for the next month. There are no refunds. Because you won’t want one.


And this page is now over.

So click that button below, and get started on your breakthroughs!

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma Churchman kicks Manifesting B*tt! Her no nonsense and grounded approach touched me on all levels. She clearly knows her stuff...and ours, too! With precision and love, she gets to the heart of what it takes for conscious entrepreneurs to get out there and be a success. We definitely need more like her on this planet!!! Thanks, Emma! ”

    Seriously Orange Studio

  • Emma Churchman

    ““If you feel stuck in your business, Emma is a master at helping you shift vibration to up-level your business - and your life. It can happen FAST so strap on your seatbelt!””

    Life Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s wisdom, insights, and exercises have already helped me shift my vibe and transform my business so that I'm accelerating toward my goal (like a freakin' comet!). Emma is a spiritual rockstar!”

    Author of the Repo Girl series and Publisher at Blue Morpho Books

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s grounding is what attracts my energy - nothing phases her, she can easily hold space for others. It’s calming. I received deep deep breakthroughs that I hadn’t even known needed to be worked through. Emma’s gifts are numerous - and she opens her gifts freely and healthily as she holds space and boundaries. I was honored and super impressed with my experience.”

    Health + Wellness Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “I was able to take a step back and re-evaluate my business and really examine if I was in alignment with all aspects of my business. I was pushing, pushing, and pushing to get things done and this was going nowhere fast! Thank you Emma for your great insight and helping me get back on track to empowerment!”

    Naturopath Physician

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